When you make a booking on line you can pay with VISA or MasterCard. In our ticket offices you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Maestro or BankAxept only.

You will receive a booking confirmation with a code and a pdf document, which is your ticket. Please print it or save it on your Smartphone and show it to our staff at the time of your reservation.

We offer reduced rates for children up to 15 years. Babies up to 4 years do not pay.
No discount is offered for students and seniors.

Refund is offered only:
When, according to our staff, some tours (such as kayak, bike and hiking) cannot take place because the weather conditions are not safe.
When the minimum group number is not reached, if required.
If the tour is cancelled due to technical reasons.
In all other cases no refund will be given.

Tour & Rentals

Yes, they can go with a kayak and join a tour if they are min. 10 years old and accompanied by an adult.

No experience is needed but you should be able to swim in case that is necessary.

Yes, it would be better to have a certain level of physical fitness, especially if you would like to join our guided kayak tour.

Yes, children can join if accompanied by an adult and if they are min. 12 years old.

It is on the normal road and traffic can be expected.

We rent city/trekking bikes.

It depends on the “battery mode” you choose. Our bikes have three different “bike modes”: eco (low), normal (medium), sport (high). Furthermore, the average gradient of the Geiranger road is 10% so the battery can last up to 20 Km uphill (if you choose “medium mode”).

Not necessarily, but it would be better to have a certain level of physical fitness.

Yes, the hiking tour will take place unless our staff decides to cancel it because the weather conditions are not safe. In this case we will refund you.

In Geiranger all our bus tours start from the main road close to our ticket office and the e-mobility office, just a couple of minutes walking distance from the pier.

In Ålesund the Ålesund Panorama starts from the pier, our staff will direct you.

It is not possible to reserve a seat. You can choose a seat when entering the bus. The seat number is not connected with your ticket.

The buses stop 10-15 minutes at every scheduled viewpoint, depending on the tour.

You need to bring a valid passport, driving license and your credit card, the same you used for your online booking. The name and photo on the driver’s license must match the renter on the reservation and the credit card holder.

If you want to add a second driver to your contract you will need to pay an extra fee. The second driver needs to present a valid driving license.

Yes, when you rent a car your credit card will be charged. The amount may vary according to the price of the car you are renting plus optionally booked additional services (for example second driver). There will also be a deposit on your credit card to cover possible damages/fuel/toll charges etc. The deposit will be released as soon as possible after your account has been settled.

We offer an extra refuel option too, but the cheapest for you would be to refuel yourself before returning the car.

Basic insurance is included. Additional insurance options are available on site when picking up the car.

In case of damage, your credit card will be charged with the repair cost up to a maximum of the self-risk option chosen by you.